Discovering Wolves, Updated 2017

By Corliss Kareson, Nancy Field

Illustrated by Cary Hunkel

ISBN: 978-0-941042-39-0
40 pages 8 1/2 x 11

Lexile Reading Score: 810L

Price: $6.95

Discovering Wolves investigates current research and wolf-human conflicts in addition to the natural history of wolves. It helps dispel myths about wolves as predators, while making clear their plight as threatened or endangered species. Highly praised! Includes a sheet of 31 realistic wolf stickers. Population data has been updated in 2017.

• Track wolves in the wild
• Meet an actual wolf pack
• Solve a barnyard mystery
• Survive one season as a wolf

This book is an excellent resource for Wolf Awareness Week which occurs the 3rd week of October each year.

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Here’s what Nancy Warren says about Discovering Wolves....

"This book is filled with children activities, great for teachers and those looking for ideas to teach children about wolves. I cannot tell you how many times I have used my copy. It is even "dog-eared"."

Nancy Warren
Educational Coordinator
The Timber Wolf Alliance

Here’s what David Mech, wolf biologist, says about Discovering Wolves....

"Discovering Wolves is an outstanding resource for children of all ages. This book is unique in getting children to think about predator-prey relationships, current research and wolf-human conflicts."

L. David Mech, Wolf Biologist and Author of The Wolf, The Way of the Wolf, and The Arctic Wolf: Living With the Pack.

Here is a testimonial from the Red Wolf Coordinator ...

"Dog-Eared Publications has done a tremendous job to educate the public on environ­mental issues, particularly regarding wolves. They are fulfilling a much needed role in our society."

V. Gary Henry
Former Red Wolf Coordinator

Price: $6.95
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