Discovering Salmon

By Nancy Field

Illustrated by Sally Machlis

ISBN: 0-941042-05-7
32 pages 8 1/2 x 11

Lexile Reading Score: 890L

Price: $5.95

Discovering Salmon is a lively introduction to the life cycles, habitats, legends, ecological relationships and environmental challenges of salmon.(Also includes trout). Salmon and trout stickers included.

Here’s what Dennis Wise, Oregon Fisheries Biologist, says about Discovering Salmon....

"Dog-Eared Publications simplifies difficult environmental and life history concepts for children. These future resource managers will be better able to understand the impacts of tinkering with Mother Nature."

Dennis Wise, Oregon Fisheries Biologist

Here’s what Alaskan salmon biologists say about Discovering Salmon....

"This is an outstanding book for educating young people about salmon life cycles and habitat requirements. Salmon are integral to the lives of all Alaskans. We have used this book in our big cites and native villages and found it to be a great teaching tool."

Bill Hauser and Pete Velsko, Alaskan Salmon Biologists

Dennis Wise, Oregon Fisheries Biologist

Here is what an educator says about Discovering Salmon....

"As an environmental educator, I have owned a copy of Discovering Salmon since it was first published. I have always found that it does a great job of illustrating the diversity of topics in uncovering the world of the Salmonid."

Victor Elderton, Director
Environmental Educators of British Columbia

Price: $5.95
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