Thank you for your interest in Dog-Eared Publications. We publish books for children and adults, with an emphasis on nature and the environment. However we are open to other ideas. We have very few openings for manuscripts at this time, as our printing and publishing decisions are in place for the next year and a half. Even though we receive many fine submissions, Dog-Eared Publications does not publish material which contains animal dialogue, which presents animals in an anthropomorphic manner. We prefer to choose the artist for the books we publish, and would not be likely to accept a book with text and art presented together as a package deal. If submitting samples of nature art, we are only interested in biologically accurate nature art and accurate human illustrations. Cartoons do not interest us. The best way to get a sense of what is appropriate for Dog-Eared Publications is to examine some of our books. Also, take a look at Social Ecology Press titles. Social Ecology Press is an imprint of Dog-Eared Publications.

Please observe the following mechanics of submission:

1. Please enclose a cover letter with the manuscript. Describing the intended age of the audience, other publications if any, and background.

2. If you are presenting us with artwork, please let us know whether the art and text are a package. Usually we want to retain the option of selecting the artist.

3. Always enclose an SASE! If an SASE is not enclosed, we will not respond.

4. It will take several months for you to get a reply.

5. Please send submissions to:

Dog-Eared Publications
Attention: Nancy Field
PO Box 620863
Middleton, WI 53562-0863

P.O. Box 620863
Middleton WI 53562-0863
1-(888) DOG-EARS
Help children learn about our natural world and grow up with an environmental ethic